Our Galleries

Deco Malta has four galleries situated in strategic places around Malta. Emphasis is given to our well-trained salespeople who can assist with our client’s requirements promptly and efficiently.

A designer service is also offered to our clients, giving expert advice on decorating walls with the many options available. Our art galleries are filled with works of art, fine art, and inspiration created by our expert designers.

Inspiration for those who want the appropriate design personalisation for their homes or offices, with made-to-measure canvas frames, photo frames, and wallpapers.

Through pictures, one captures an experience, a memory or a feeling that tells a story. We take pictures and put them into frames, from start to finish, from idea to creation.

We manufacture our own custom frames. The frames are made to measure using a variety of materials, and the pictures are printed with the best sustainable printing technology available today.

We print photographic framed prints, handmade canvases printed and hand embellished with acrylic paints, print on glass,
metal, wood, and all kinds of custom prints using a variety of mouldings.

Our Galleries bring you inspiration and ideas

We provide a full service if the client wants it.

We give consultations, free of charge, for the best ideas and styles that go with your home or office walls.

We explain the differences in material quality and style and follow the latest trends, technology, and information.

All the pictures we use are licensed images from internationally renowned professional photographers and local artists, special editions of works of art, fine art, and much more. Our art library contains over 250,000 images; you can select any image you like and print it in every possible way. 

We also have custom designers who can create all that can be imagined.

Our Staff

Our Galleries are open in regular business hours, where you can find our highly trained staff that can help our clients in choosing the best solutions for their home and walls interior’s design and frames.